lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017

One of the best parkas!

One of the best!

Is not easy sometimes chosse the best for winter:  coat  or parka, we have two differnts poins of view one is more classic in other mor casual and trendy.
In the last years most of  the gentelman prefer something easy to wear for differnts ocations, I know what I say! because in my chats  with my clients I hear about one coat to wearing for work and at the same time for going out in the weekends, more relax!

There’s the temptation to throw on your parka the moment the bad weather hits and not really think about how you can style it, but getting a parka that matches your look is ideal for you to incorporate it easily into your wardrobe. I think now you can fiend parka for work, because this piece is on develoment every year to adapt for the classic mens.

Whether you’re into colours, boxy designs, or classic slim line looks, there’s a parka out there for you, and we’re here to show you how to style it. So take a note of Sandro Lafounte advise in this post.

Colours for work, for sure you must take navy or black, those colours are adapeted to wear with suits or jeans and jerseys.

Parca Black 345 euros
Parka Navy "work" 745 euros
Sandro Paris

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