martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Wes Anderson-Esque Posters Map Cult Films' Props and Blueprints

The tried and true mantra of “show don’t tell” encourages filmmakers to form narratives which rely less on explicit exposition and more on minute details. In his pursuit of recreating cult movie posters, photographic artist Jordan Bolton focuses on the belongings and settings of a handful of iconic films. 

Simply titled Objects, Bolton's series was inspired by the Museum of Broken Relationships, which exhibited a similar layout of curios and knick-knacks. In the case of Objects, orderly grids line prop pieces up into what look like exploded 3D photo albums. Often composed of simple products like paper, paint, and foam, just one of Jordan Bolton’s posters can include over 100 objects.

The British artist gives special care to the signature aesthetic of each film, mirroring colors and wardrobe stylings with his backgrounds and arrangements. Some of the more expansive photo designs, such as those depicting Her and Pulp Fiction, recreate every corridor and doorway of their films' sets.
In an interview, Bolton told The Creators Project that he was inspired by the film essays of Susan Sontag, describing them as having an an “intense amount of attention to the smallest details.” “Once I started reading those,” Bolton said, “I started seeing films in a different way, not only as characters and stories, but as worlds of minutiae.

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