lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015



smart! by sandrolafounte on Polyvore

For tailoring that goes both ways, you want to steer down the centre. Not season one of Mad Men, with a figure-hugging fit in shades as sober as Don Draper before 10am. Yet shy of Mad Men season seven, with billowing fabrics awash in acid-tinged patterns, which make you feel as tipsy as Don Draper after 10am.
Instead, look to Combatant Gentlemen's guncheck, which switches boss-friendly navy into something more eye-catching. The construction relaxes things further, jettisoning padding for a soft shoulder – there’s that Italianate sprezzatura – and a half-canvassed structure that drapes, rather than constricts. And because the jacket’s cut slightly short, you can deploy it solo, with denim or chinos, for that European split-suit aesthetic.

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