lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Trussardi Men’s Fall winter 2015/16 "Vintage style forever"

Vintage style forever!

A sense of elegance that is fragile and decisive, nostalgic and contemporary. The result is a refined yet strong wardrobe, made with subtle savoir faire and Trussardi's proverbial skill at working with different materials. The look is soft and enveloping, defined by generous egg silhouettes. 
Oversized turtlenecks and long cardigans come in boucle, chenille and boiled wool. Clay-colored deerskin jackets have curly fur linings. Tailored pieces feature rich, blurry patterns. Denim has a flannel finish and cargo trousers come in suit-weight wool. T-shirts are made of fine cashmere gauze. Dynamic leather outerwear – trucker, blouson and biker jackets –is lined with birdseye wool that peeks out through the turned-out stitching .

Ombré dyed yarn creates Greek key and cable stitch motifs on knits. Oversized coats are worn over loosely fitting sweaters. The warm and pictorial color palette features nuances of brown, chestnut, olive green, grey with a cobalt sheen and touches of acid yellow that blend in rich compositions.

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