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The summer is over, fall is here!

In the pics the model "Paolo Modenese" who show how maintain a body perfect not just in summer time even in fall and winter.

Paolo Modenese

 There comes the temptation to just throw in the towel and give up on your summertime fitness regime. So let's going to packing away the swimsuits and take out the bulky sweaters.
We are Thinking  again! Why not maintain the same level of fitness you've worked so hard for over the summer?  it's easy to keep going, so here's our guide to keeping fit and fighting those temptations with autumn just around the corner:

Embrace the cold weather and use exercise to keep yourself warmed up. There's nothing quite like that post-workout rush when you step off the treadmill, and though it might be chilly going into the gym, you'll be a lot hotter when you step back out into the cold air having kicked some calories.
One of the best parts of any holiday abroad is often floating around in tropical turquoise seas. There might not be quite the same view, but you can still keep this habit up at your gym's swimming pool. Swimming is a great all-over body workout, and it's a therapeutic way to unwind after long days at work.
If a summer spent with the kids got you back into cycling, try kicking it up a notch on indoor exercise bikes. You could even try spinning classes for an intense weekly workout that will tone and condition your whole body, not to mention ramp up calorie burning!
We all love watching Wimbledon in July, and it leaves a lot of us wishing we'd trained a little harder at tennis back in the day. Don't think that because the summer is over you can't still take it up: LA fitness have indoor tennis courts ready and waiting for you to master that all-important backhand!
If the colder weather puts you off your usual run, it's time to hit the treadmills. All you really need is a pumping playlist, and you'll soon be racing along just like you would outdoors. For bonus points, run with hand-held weights for a more comprehensive workout.
Toning up often takes a back seat during summer workouts, when the main goal is weight loss, so this is a great thing to focus on in colder weather. Start getting familiar with your gym's dumbbells, bench press and resistance machines to help you build muscle during the winter months. 
The lower temperatures often make you crave hearty meals. Think about exercising as a way to treat yourself to those comfort foods, safe in the knowledge that you did an awesome workout that evening on the cross trainer.
Your friends might be lacking your exercise enthusiasm, but that doesn't mean you have to work out alone. Classes like body combat and Zumba are a great way to stay in shape and socialise at the same time. 
If you're still struggling to find motivation without the pressure of summer holidays, it might be worth trying out some personal training sessions to rediscover your determination and drive. Sometimes we all need a little extra push to get us going!
Finally, keep the summer luxury going in your wind-down time by taking advantage of your gym's saunas, sunbeds and yoga classes. It'll feel like you're still on holiday! 

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