lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

Fashion from '60 Years!

Fashion 60s brought a modest and simple styles of dresses, most of them were Coat, or coats in fashionable pastels.
Very trends has also become a combination of white and black which is most popular in our times, and garnet, red, green and grey. In addition, they were fashionable bars, dots and geometric patterns. Dresses and skirts were cut mainly on the shape of the letter A, and in the late 60s came into favour baggy pants. Women also wore mini.

In the 60s the women have used   high heels and others very high heels. Fashion was quite low heels or flat shoes. Ladies can dress up for it in a variety of additives, as ostrich feathers, sequins, deep hats, as well as the long glittering earrings and various patterns and colours stockings.

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