lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Behind McQueen’s coiled corset

Sandro Lafounte wants to give you this histori behind Mc Queen's
Shaun Leane has revealed the story behind the iconic ‘coiled’ corset featured in Alexander McQueen’s AW99 show.
 Leane who was a close friend and collaborator of the late designer gave this explanation about the process behind "the coiled" corset
 This piece was the first made for [McQueen],” he said. He explored technology and I had to explore new forms and proses of how to make things like electroforming. I'd never worked with electroforming even though it's a very old process. The ‘coiled’ corset that was made from aluminium rod, pure clean metal, which I forged around a concrete cast of the model.”
The corset is made from 97 handcrafted aluminium coils. Because Leane was only able to make eight coils a day, the piece took an enormous amount of time to create. When it came to the show it took 15 minutes to put onto model Laura Morgan – and almost as long to take off.

Leane collaborated with McQueen throughout his career.

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