lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

"Tuxedo" Recommendations

Sandro Lafounte want to give these recommendations. The last years the designers increment the combination the different styles and protocol to wear, between classic formal wear and casual wear. The tuxedo jacket is one of them. After a few years, the dinner jacket is now welcoming into your wardrobe full-time. Having shaken off its strictly formal status, this blazer now works just as well with its matching trousers as it does a slim-fit t-shirt and jeans combination.

Step up your party attire by applying your suit separates know-how to your tux. Mix things up by pairing your black or navy jacket with grey trousers or make a more daring move with an unconventional dinner jacket – burgundy and dark green would certainly be my personal recommendation here; however velvet also makes for a timelessly sophisticated choice in some events, but is not one of my favourites.

Take a note.

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