viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

Summer is coming soon so for him and her!

When summer is coming we need to be ready, somentimes we thinking about what wearing,  my recomendation is always items with print or monocolor in dark tones and you can give a spetial shine whith  accesories like: bags, shoes, glasses, clock and more,  also we can incorporating  colours in your clothe but be carefuly with totalcolours in  explosive tones if you are not slim everything this depend if this colours have prints and remeber your color of skin is very importan too.

lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

red in love!

red in love!

red in love! by sandrolafounte featuring high heel shoes

TIBI oversized shirt, €690 / Miss Selfridge jeans, €83 / Jane Norman high waisted denim shorts, €14 / Dolce&Gabbana heeled sandals, €1.725 / Dolce&Gabbana high heel shoes, €290 / Vans leather sneaker, €96 / Converse white sneaker, €69 / Nico Giani crossbody handbag, €485 / Muzungu Sisters handbags tote, €315

70´s more that this!

70´s more that this!

70´s more that this! by sandrolafounte featuring canvas home decor

Monse long sleeve cold shoulder top, €1.190 / White v neck top, €19 / Silk embroidered jacket, €1.965 / R13 cropped denim jeans, €240 / Levi's skinny leg jeans, €105 / Nine West suede wedge sandals, €22 / Carven foldover crossbody, €600 / TOMS drawstring backpack bag, €155 / Oliver Gal Artist Co canvas home decor, €190

For this summer many designers had inpiration in the 70´s to create the new collecion, here Sandro Lafounte want to give you two outfits that for sure will be perfect for this spring - summer. 

Here one Advise for you girls, remember when the jeans are with regular fit or very loose is better if you are slim otherwise please wear high heel shoes, also the accesories should be in acording at your body. 

martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

Five combination that always working well for man

In the last times the Man want to be attractive as well like the woman usually, today Sandro Lafounte want to give you some advises to wear well, we have 5 combinations which function fantastic in winter or summer so take a note:
Black and white the most usual and common and easy to wear, in the last times in many countries you can see total black with a little combination in white but  we need to know  that all people can dress this colour mostly total black which help to see svelte, also  we have grey and pink which is fantastic for summer and spring, these colours are perfect  if you have Tanning, remember if you are not in your shape is better dress grey in the top, be careful with pink,  also green and brown, this combination is fantastic for  fall, we have as well navy and burgundy to fall too and winter and the last camel and black for winter which now is a classic and smart. 
I hope you can take a note and driving with this advices.

miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Illustrations by Kim Jungyoun

Illustrations by Kim Jungyoun

Explore the eternal happiness and easy-going in Korean illustrations 

If you looking for a good illustrator from Korea, here one of my favorites Kim Jungyoun you can see all his works in his website and probably you love too. Sandro Lafounte hope like it.